Dolphin upgraded the network for Game Composites new building

Game Composites – Upgrade

The Client

Game Composites is a aerobatic aircraft design and manufacturer. Founded in 2013, the company was started with the intention to design, certify and produce the world’s best aerobatic and fun aircraft. Originally based at Wickenby Airfield in the UK, in 2016 the company relocated to Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. Dolphin ICT is proud to have supported them through the relocation process and to have worked with Game Composites since then.

The Challenge

Game Composites were undergoing a building expansion in order to create additional manufacturing space to facilitate their growth plans. The additional space required the network infrastructure to be scaled up and seamless integrated to the existing infrastructure, and, having worked with Dolphin ICT for a number of years, they were tasked with specifying what would be needed from a network architecture point of view. Given the distance between the two companies, this all had to be done remotely.

The Solution

Dolphin ICT created the specification and worked with a local network infrastructure installer to plan and implement the necessary cabling, keeping in regular contact with Games Composites to ensure communication was transparent to all involved parties. Once the required elements were all in place, Managing Director Russell travelled to the site to personally install the active network equipment and complete all configuration requirements including switches, lighting up fibres, Wi-Fi access points and analytical CCTV cameras.

Whilst there, Dolphin ICT identified the opportunity to increase storage size and speed on the main server due to an increased use of 3D modelling options.

The Result

Due to the pre-installation project planning and the expertise during the site visit, the whole project was carried out seamlessly with minimal interruption to business operations for Game Composites. Game Composites also used the opportunity for Dolphin to assess the network and security of a subsidiary company with a view to further improving the infrastructure there too.