Dolphin Helps Aeroplane Manufacturer Soar in the USA

Game Composites

The Client

Game Composites is a aerobatic aircraft design and manufacturer. Founded in 2013, the company was started with the intention to design, certify and produce the world’s best aerobatic and fun aircraft. Originally based at Wickenby Airfield in the UK, in 2016 the company relocated to Bentonville, Arkansas, USA.  Game Composites designed the GB1 Gamebird, an aircraft the perfect combination of aerobatic performance, speed and comfort. They company currently produces 15 airplanes a year under their FAA Production.

The Challenge

Dolphin ICT was tasked with moving all IT infrastructure to the new facility in Bentonville, Arkansas for the aerobatic aeroplane manufacturer. As you can imagine, this was no ordinary moving to a different city type of relocation. This was relocation on another level going from the UK to the US.

Game Composites had been our customer for a number of years prior so trusted Dolphin in being able to complete the desired task. This meant Dolphin would have to plan out how to assist them in moving and what would be required, without actually entering the building it was all going to be in!

The Solution

Due to working with Game Composites over the years, Dolphin had a good idea of what would be required in terms of what they already worked with and features to help the company with being able to expand. It was understood a lot of new equipment was needed. This operation was planned remotely by working with the project managers who were building the new facility. Communication was imperative for the success of the move, therefore, many discussions were held and photos and updates from the project managers were received.

After the planning phase, next was to order all the required equipment in preparation for us to be able to install. Once fully prepared, we went to the new site for the first time in the US and implemented the new systems and equipment.

We setup new server infrastructure with Hyper-V virtual machines to run machines dedicated for ERP systems and Solidworks EPDM. We also implemented a Ubiquiti WIFI solution and a VoIP phone system. Throughout all of this, regular communication with Game Composites meant they felt in the loop and strengthened their trust in Dolphin and that we would get the job done in the most effective way possible.

The Result

The result of our careful planning, expertise and implementation meant the move across the countries was a success. Game Composites was, and is still able to use all the systems required to a high quality, enabling them to continue with the design and manufacturing of their aircrafts such as the Game Bird, smoothly. The owners of Game Composites were thrilled with how smooth the migration was and Dolphin continue to do ongoing IT support for the client and while also providing them with anti-spam protection, Microsoft Office 365 and backups. It was a great challenge for Dolphin and a great learning experience to assist the movement and effectively plan the operation remotely.

Dolphins support and dedication has continued. We have a great working relationship with them and would highly recommend their services.

“Our technology is the lifeblood of our business and we needed to make sure that when we moved from the UK to the USA that we continued to have the same level of support so taking Dolphin ICT with us was a no brainer. They helped us from starting up in portacabins on Wickenby Airfield to our large new purpose built manufacturing facility in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. They took the time to understand our business and our ambition which was refreshing to see. They worked closely with us and with our SolidWorks provider to setup a new server with SolidWorks EPDM running on it and when the time was right migrated us onto new hardware platform. Their support and dedication has continued and we’ve been proud to see them grow alongside us, we have a great working relationship with them and would highly recommend their services.”

Philipp Steinbach

Game Composites