Creating a smooth running site for major transport hub


The Client

iPort Rail is an inland strategic rail freight interchange for the UK, set in Doncaster, South Yorkshire which provides secure modern rail freight handling facilities. The 30-acre multimodal secure container site was designed to help businesses transport their goods which the benefits of being quicker, most cost effective and more environmentally friendly. The rail terminal accommodates connectivity for customer locally, nationally and internationally with the additional benefit of the site being accessible 24-hours a day.

The Challenge

The transport hub was a brand new business which required help in developing their infrastructure and forming the backbone of their communications. This was a complex project which involved working with multiple contractors to enable them to design a system that would work hand in hand with a number of  technical systems. By working closely with multiple contractors, our highly skilled technical team were able to understand iportrail’s business needs and find out how this fantastic new rail freight hub would operate. Dolphin was required to implement some additional IT hardware such as phones, server systems and other additional equipment.

The Solution

Dolphin put in new switches and a installed new server systems to the network infrastructure.

We worked with logistics specialists Fargo Systems to install the server systems at the site to ensure that the rail container terminal has a robust IT system in place which is vital to the smooth running of operations. Fargo Systems product a system called CYMAN which runs on the servers and manages the arrival of various visitors coming and going on the site.

As part of the project, Dolphin ICT installed access control for South Yorkshire based iportrail, which allows drivers to gain entry by using electronic passes, meaning lorries can access the site 24 hours a day. For iPort we also set up a VoIP phone system on 3CX which is based in the cloud. In addition to this, Dolphin also set up and manages the WiFi in the offices to the site.

The Result

A benefit of putting in the VoIP system meant lower costs than a traditional landline as well as the backup factor that in the case of the WiFi being down, calls can be forwarded to mobile phones and other devices; meaning the site would still be able to communicate. The access control system put in place means no requirement for physical keys, meaning if they were lost, stolen or duplicated, the site would still be accessible to the correct people. The access control logs entry and exit, therefore iPort is able to tell who is going to and from site and at what times.

Providing the correct equipment and systems have meant that iportrail could operate an efficient and effective service from day one;. Enabling lorries to come and go throughout the night, without compromising the site’s security or requiring extra manpower. The transport hub has become a huge success with to keeping lorries moving, goods flowing and the team fully connected with the relevant IT hardware and software.