February 15, 2023

Dolphin Trial New Business Model and See Improved Results

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Andy McAteer
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As an established and experienced IT Support Services business, Dolphin has seen many changes over the years in how businesses operate, particularly in relation to flexible and remote working in a post-pandemic world. Providing IT Services that are suitable for the new hybrid working culture has also  demonstrated some of the benefits that can be gained from this approach and so Dolphin ICT have been trialling a new business model for themselves, by way of a 4 day working week.

Initial results of the trial are demonstrating a good balance for both clients and the Dolphin Team. The way the team split the working week means that the office is still covered every day and with slightly increased hours, there is even more availability to customers should they need to get in touch. The additional flexibility for the team provides an improved work life balance and is also leading to increased productivity.

As this is a new initiative for Dolphin ICT, the trial is still ongoing and naturally, there are a number of different scenarios to consider, however, the initial indication is that this is a positive step with buy-in from the whole team.

Managing Director Russell Till said “We value our team and wanted to investigate the option of a 4 day week to support their work-life balance, whilst not compromising on the quality or service provided to customers. So far, the trial is providing positive results which is great for everyone.”

Office Manager Rebecca Noakes added “The new model and increased flexibility for the team has gone down really well. We’ve been able to maintain the high levels of service that our customers are used to as well as increase productivity within the team so the early signs suggest we’ve hit the right balance. It’s also great to hear how much the employees are appreciating the extra day off, as am I!”

Dolphin will continue the trial over the next few weeks to ensure that all potential scenarios are not negatively impacted by this new model, and if all continues on this positive trajectory, the 4 day working week will be implemented on a permanent basis in the coming months.