September 26, 2019

Is Cable Chaos causing you IT havoc?

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Russell Till
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In his latest blog our managing director, Russell Till, talks about cable chaos.

Is it like spaghetti junction behind your desk? Do you have a cupboard full of wires, plugs and cables that no one understands?

Cable chaos can be causing you untold IT issues and, if truth be told, is an accident waiting to happen. Does anyone remember the time the airline technician switched off and on the wrong plug and 75,000 passengers were stranded as a result?

Cable management has long been an issue in many offices, especially when people think its ok to just pull wires in and out of their sockets and move them around. I don’t think any business would relish the thought of losing a day’s work, their accounts files or internet connection just because someone has fiddled with the wires.

Cabling can get out of control so quickly and before you know it new wires have been added, crossing and knotting the ones above and below creating a whole labyrinth.

Did you know that this kind of chaos makes it easy for people to create loops and then systems don’t work how they should, things get slower and it can be difficult to find out why?

Now spare a thought for the tech person sent to solve your problem. If you’ve allowed a set up that you don’t understand to be in place, and they are faced with tangles and tangles of wires how can you expect them to be able to do their job quickly and efficiently?

‘How to stop cable chaos in its tracks’  

Here are a few of our top tips to stop cable chaos from occurring in the first place:

#1 Know what the cable is connecting and why

#2 Label both ends of your cable, yes both ends, and then it is easy for someone to see the job it is doing

#3 If you are planning ahead colour coding your cables is a great way to avoid confusion, just so long as everyone who needs to know, knows what each colour means

#4 Use Velcro straps to keep wires and cables together. This is a great way to group cables and keep them from getting in a tangle

#5 Keep airflow in mind; don’t cover any case fans or coolers with a cable

If all of this is too much for you or you already have a serious case of cable chaos our tech experts can help you. They can sort through the cables and network them all so that you don’t need to touch them at all but are safe in the knowledge that they are all doing the job they should be doing in a clear, safe cable environment.

Get in touch and ask for a cable review and one of our tech team will help you to unravel the problem and tell you more about cable management.