Safeguarding Your Digital Assets


A comprehensive, multi-layered defence to shield your business from cyber threats

Cybersecurity is a Business Imperative

Cybersecurity should be far more than a passing concern for your business; it needs to be at the top of your business continuity strategy. Cybersecurity isn't solely the domain of large corporations; businesses of all sizes are potential targets and must prioritise their digital defences. And it’s not just about protecting computers and laptops, it’s about safeguarding your entire digital ecosystem: networks, systems, programs and data.

How can we help

At Dolphin, we provide a comprehensive, multilayered defence to shield your business from cyber threats that could disrupt your operations, cause data loss, monetary loss and damage your reputation. The combination of the latest technology and the instigation of robust policies, procedures and training will help protect your organisation from these threats.

Enterprise detection and response

Monitoring and analysing endpoint activities for signs of malicious behaviour

Cisco Umbrella

DNS-layer protection by blocking malicious websites and phishing attacks, while also providing visibility and control over internet traffic for organisations.


Integrated networking and security framework that combines WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functions, such as secure web gateways and firewall-as-a-service, to enable secure and streamlined access to resources from any location.

Email Security with Mimecast

Cloud-based email cybersecurity services tailored to your needs. Protect yourself from unwanted spam with our range of security packages

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Training your staff?

Your staff are often in the front line when it comes to cyber threats. That’s why we offer cyber security awareness training and Human Risk Management (HRM) courses so that everyone understands how to identify the latest threats and, more importantly, how to respond effectively to mitigate against or neutralise any potential risk.

Our comprehensive interactive HRM covers:

  • Security
    awareness training
  • Simulated phishing attacks
  • Dark web breach reporting
  • Policy management
  • Human risk scoring
  • In-depth gap analysis

The training will help you to reduce your risk from cyber-attack, as well as monitor and understand the risks you face, with regular reports and the calculation of your ongoing human risk score.

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