Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

A comprehensive cloud computing platform offering a vast array of services, including solutions for computing, analytics, storage, and networking.

An industry-leading platform to help you scale your business

Azure comprises a combination of over 200 flexible and scalable products and services that allow you to manage applications across multiple clouds to your own specifications. Our technical team is experienced in providing our customers with the help and support they need to get the best from Microsoft’s powerful Azure cloud platform.

Understanding your business needs

Understanding exactly what your business objectives are so that we can set your Azure up to get the most out the cloud adaptable platform.

You will benefit from the option to scale up or down your computing powers without needing to invest in hardware or servers. We configure everything for you from networking, backup and storage to security and identity management; we simplify the complexities and get you up and running with the minimum disruption.

Dolphin follow Azure best practices which enable you to:

Opitimize Costs

We help you implement cost management practices, such as the use of Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor, to avoid overspending while ensuring you get the resources you need.

Enhance Security

By implementing Azure Security Center recommendations and configuring Azure policies, we strengthen your cloud security posture and protect your data against threats.


Through continuous monitoring and leveraging tools like Azure Monitor and Azure Application Insights, we help you improve performance and deliver high-quality services to your customers.

Promote Scalability

We set up your Azure services to easily scale with your business, allowing you to handle increased workloads efficiently and effectively.

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