Wi-Fi & Guest Networks

High Speed Wi-Fi Solutions

Providing fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi networks to your business by professionals with expertise in organisations of all sizes.

The Necessity of Reliable, Segregated WiFi

In today’s hyper-connected world, access to a fast, reliable WiFi network is essential for your staff and visitors alike. The ability to have a guest WiFi network that visitors to your site can access, allows them to access the internet, without any risk of compromising your primary network.

Types of Wi-Fi





Professional Installation: The Difference it Makes

Setting up a WiFi network might seem simple, but there is a world of difference between a basic home setup and a professionally installed and maintained WiFi network. We don’t just set up a network; we design it specifically for your space and your needs, ensuring you get the maximum speed, security, and coverage.

Our Installation Process

Expertise and Experience

We begin with a comprehensive site survey to understand the specifics of your location and identify any potential issues.


Technicians will plan your Wi-Fi deployment based on on-site conditions and requirements

Hardware Selection

We choose the best Wi-Fi access points based on your specific requirements and budget.

Network Configuration

We set up your network, giving it a unique name (SSID), secure password, and the highest level of encryption for optimal security.

Device Connection

We ensure all your devices are properly connected and functioning smoothly on your new network.

Maintenance and support

Providing you with ongoing support, monitoring your network performance, dealing with any potential issues, and ensuring that your WiFi remains robust and secure.

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