Holistic Connectivity Solutions

Unleash business potential with enhanced phone system connectivity

Keep communication flowing

All phone systems rely on connectivity to work efficiently. Robust connectivity provides the essential conduit for the flow of information, enabling companies to do business seamlessly across the globe. Dolphin specialises in implementing and managing connectivity solutions that are reliable, secure, scalable and tailored to your unique business needs.

Our approach to connectivity is based on four key pillars:



You will benefit from consistent, high-quality connections which helps keep communications flowing, reduces any downtime and keeps your operations running seamlessly.



High speed connectivity is a must in today’s business world, where faster data transfers and efficient access to cloud services combine to increase productivity and profitability. We provide lightning-fast internet speeds that keep pace with your dynamic business operations.



The security of your connection is of paramount importance. We offer advanced security measures and protocols that safeguard your system from potential threats.



We provide flexible, scalable connectivity solutions that are designed to grow with your business.

Keeping you connected

At Dolphin, we provide our customers with a holistic connectivity solution that aligns with your business technology requirements and is entirely bespoke to your organisation.

What we offer

Broadband Internet Services

We provide high-speed broadband solutions to fuel your daily operations. Whether you are a small business needing cost-effective solutions or a large corporation requiring dedicated Internet lines, we have you covered.

Managed WiFi

We offer managed WiFi solutions for businesses, ensuring comprehensive coverage, secure connections, and optimal performance throughout your premises.

VPN & Secure Remote Access

For businesses with remote employees or multiple office locations, we provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions for secure remote access to your business network.

Cloud Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity: To ensure seamless access to cloud services, we offer direct, private connections to major cloud providers, optimizing speed and security.

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