August 28, 2018

Proud to grow with Victorian Plumbing

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Russell Till
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Victorian Plumbing is a company which we at Dolphin ICT have seen growing rapidly since we first started working with the team there in 2011.

They wanted a forward-thinking IT provider and that is what they got.

Dolphin ICT advised them to put systems in place that would keep their costs down as the company continued to grow.

Now it is the biggest online bathroom retailer in the UK with annual sales in excess of £120 Million.

This is a very different story to the company we started with in 2011, so we have needed to help them keep on top of their IT systems to be able to handle the challenges that come with success.

It all started with an upgrade of their Windows server and 21 computers.

We have also provided a new complete telephone call centre system to service Victorian Plumbing’s rapidly growing customer service and telephone sales operations.

The system has automatic answering functionality within one second and auto fit, to ensure quicker pick up times by operatives.

This has allowed Victorian Plumbing to save time and lots of money in the process. In turn, this has gone a long way to helping the company expand.

When we started with the team there, the office had just 20 people in it. Now, that figure is over 250!

The savings they made meant they could take on extra staff without huge additional cost to the company.

Just as we always have, we will continue to provide IT support to Victorian Plumbing and keep them up to date with the latest advancements in technology as they continue to grow and succeed.