June 21, 2022

Providing 80 Caravans with Wi-FI

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Tasker Partnership asked for Dolphin’s help to provide Wi-Fi to 80 caravans across the site for their seasonal workers who live there for part of the year. This was to give the employees some comforts from home by enabling the workers to communicate with family and friends and be able to relax and do activities such as watching Netflix after work.

Our managing director, Russell Till came up with the idea of supplying 80 individual routers to the caravans so that each caravan had a private network, resulting in the workers being able to use chrome casts and firesticks and so that everyone’s devices weren’t all visible to each other.

Organisation and attention to detail were important during the project as the routers got individually documented, configured, and labeled.

The most challenging part of this job was ensuring the infrastructure would be able to handle the large bandwidth requirement for so many users, however, this was a challenge easily defeated by simply sourcing the right equipment suitable for the job at hand.

When asked what his favourite part of the job was, Russell said although he did enjoy the planning stages, the best part was “The satisfaction of hearing that the workers were easily able to communicate with their families, particularly the ones with family that are still stuck in Ukraine”.