CCTV AI and Analytics

AI-Enhanced CCTV: Efficient, Intelligent Security Solutions by Dolphin

Overwhelming footage

Using CCTV to record footage and track movement around site can result in a high volume of data, taking hours to go through. AI can analyse footage in real-time, identify patterns, detecting anomalies and make predictions as well as search through the recorded data at a later date.


Alta Aware Cloud: End-to-End Encrypted Video Analytics

Transition to cost-effective cloud video management by connecting existing third-party cameras and sensors to the Alta Aware Cloud.

With Alta Aware cloud-based video analytics, you can:  

  • Detect and classify anomalies based on perimeters and behaviours
  • Differentiate between people, vehicles and other objects
  • Map movement across your sites
  • Receive real-time alerts with thumbnails, time and location data
  • Go through hours of footage quickly using appearance and image detection.
  • Automatic occupancy counting - Monitor large facilities and keep a rolling total of the flow of people and vehicles in and out of your premises.
  • Real-time maps with Smart Presence™ - Understand the flow of your space with occupancy tracking cameras that count people, vehicles and objects as they move.
  • Intuitive visual heatmaps - Identify hotspots to pinpoint congestion or suspicious behaviour, ideal for public areas and store occupancy tracking.

Additional features

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Object and Similarity Search

Help your users and security operators complete forensic investigations with event, object and similarity search. Streamline and speed up the process of mass surveillance tasks and have them done in minutes rather than days.

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Monitor Traffic Flows

Understand and act on hot spots and high-traffic areas, and access other relevant occupancy data to improve business operations.

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Behaviour Analytics

Gain occupancy awareness and customer analytics in retail and public venues to improve customer experience.

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Monitor Workplace Environment

Optimise building temperature effectively and monitor workplace productivity through hot-desking insights.

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