Seamlessly Controlled Commercial CCTV

Cutting-edge surveillance systems to protect your business assets

Protecting your business assets

Having clear visibility of who is entering or leaving your business premises plays an important part in protecting your assets and keeping your staff and visitors safe. Installing a reliable CCTV system will allow you to monitor on-site activities in both real time and from play-back recordings, enabling you to take whatever action is appropriate to monitor and safeguard people and resources.

Monitor on-site activities in real-time

Playback recordings so you can take the appropriate action

Safeguard visitors and staff, providing them peace-of-mind

CCTV Solutions for
Business & Events

We have many years’ experience in installing and maintaining cutting-edge surveillance systems at all sizes of and types of business, from small units and offices to large multi-site warehouses and depots.

From enhancing warehouse security and reducing theft to ensuring the safety and security of crowds at concerts, we offer the very latest in CCTV technology. With the use of these new and improved camera systems comes the ability to offer sophisticated analytics and real time alerts on any suspicious activity taking place.

Smart CCTV Features

Our CCTV systems are equipped with advanced smart features such as...

Remote viewing
Motion detection
Infrared Night Vision
Numberplate Recognition
Suspicious Activity Detection
Thermal Detection

Our Process


Site Survey

We begin with a comprehensive site survey to understand the specifics of your location and identify any potential issues.



Technicians will plan your CCTV deployment based on on-site conditions and requirements


Hardware Selection

We choose the best cameras and recording hardware based on your specific requirements and budget.


Network Configuration

We set up your network, creating a security network segregation, ensuring bandwidth requirements don’t impact on your main network



We install the acquired equipment to best practices and configure the system to client requirements e.g., users, analytics configuration and alerting


Maintenance and Support

Providing you with ongoing support, monitoring your system performance, dealing with any potential issues.

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