December 15, 2021

Working From Home: Tips and Essentials

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Working from home, here we go again…


Do you work in a home office, at the dining table or on the couch? Whatever your style, here are some tips we have learnt from working from home.



  • Computer / laptop
  • Desk / table
  • Comfortable, well supported chair
  • Strong internet connection
  • Good lighting
  • Relevant cyber security policies and practices in place for remote working



  • Designated workspace – Have a designated workspace will help create boundaries when working from home.
  • Change of scene – If you feel like you can’t focus or are getting frustrated at simple tasks, try having a change of scene to reset and refocus.
  • Dress for success – Dress as if you were coming into the office, or at least get out of those pajamas to help you feel more productive and motivated.
  • Keep a notepad and pen handy – By having these near you are less likely to forget those little tasks that would otherwise be easy to remember when in the office. This can also help when receiving calls, instructions or passing on messages.
  • Routine – Keep to your regular sleep and work patterns as much as possible.
  • Stay connected – Pick up the phone instead of emailing, or even better, have video calls to stay connected to the outside world and to prevent from feeling isolated when working from home.
  • Headphones – Headphones are great for both when it is too noisy and when it is too quiet. By popping them in with some focus music on, this can help block out noises in the house while also stimulating your mind and creating a nicer background noise than the kitchen tap dripping or the washing machine whirring!


If you need any help on the technical side of working from home, contact us and we are more than happy to help.